Temple of the Tree

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This archive page is home to the classic articles, pages and documents that previously existed on my older website, but on account of it being taken over by spammers - thus here they are housed and may be accessed! Things are always in the works~


Classic Articles

Tree and Man (Octobre 2015)

The Mighty Ones (April 2016)


The Great Beast Speaks - Aleister Crowley (1910 - 1914 Black Magic Recordings) (.zip m4a)

This download is a special zip of the full album. "Although this recording has previously been available as a 'bootleg' this is its finest official release. And to the label's knowledge, contains the only known recording of Crowley. We believe the original recording was made circa 1920 on a wax cylinder. Although digintaly enhanced, surface noise may be evident."



Here are some notable websites belonging to other occultist friends of mine:

Araignee Arcane Services - Baron & Baroness Araignee


I make music and I keep a separate website just for housing all of that. Think of it as an extension of this site. You can check out my albums at my music archive. Below is a link to the archive and an article about my music.